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Celled Celled

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Cell Shaded perfection

The movie is simply devine. Although containg simple use of "cell shaded" linear art, the characters are exceeding well drawn, and the backgrounds also provide a nice habitat for them. The Animation is fluid, work well and I personally like the use of split screen for the phone scenes. Shadow and 3D effects are put together nicely, and the lip sinc is actually pretty good.

Sounds - a variety of voices, strange but compelling - you can actually feel these bizarre characters in action, and it's really kept together well. I enjoyed the script - I can tell it had been planned well and thought out.

Being a competent flash team, we think that previous reviews for this rather spiffy film are quite bland in their commentary.

We would personally like to see the 2 previous comments taken down as, being experienced in flash, we know that hard work and dedication can go into the simplest of movie clips, and this is no exception.

jb-cubed3 responds:

Wow. Many thanks to your amazingly good review. I'm glad to see flash developers taking a valued interest in other peoples' work and I really apprecaite your comments, guys.